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Early Detection, Lifelong Protection: Why Regular Vet Check-Ups Are Essential for Your Pet's Health


Owning a pet is not just a source of joy but also a responsibility that involves more than feeding and playtime. Regular veterinary check-ups and screenings are critical to pet care, often overlooked until a pet shows signs of illness. Understanding the importance of these routine visits is key to ensuring our furry companions' long-term health and well-being.

What Does a Regular Check-Up Involve?

Often, pet owners perceive veterinary visits as necessary only when their pet is visibly sick or injured. However, regular check-ups are much more than that. They are a preventive measure to catch potential health problems before they escalate.

  • Overall Health Assessment: Veterinarians examine pets from nose to tail. They check the skin, coat, eyes, ears, and mouth for abnormalities.
  • Vital Signs Check: This includes assessing the heart rate, lung sounds, and body temperature.
  • Weight and Diet Evaluation: Vets analyze the pet's weight and dietary habits, offering advice on nutrition and exercise.
  • Vaccination Updates: Keeping up with vaccinations is essential for preventing diseases.

The Power of Early Detection

Early detection of health issues can be the difference between a simple treatment and a complicated, costly one. Regular check-ups and screenings are pivotal in identifying problems before they become serious.

Early Signs of Disease: Conditions like diabetes, thyroid disorders, and heart disease can be managed more effectively if caught early.

Behavioral Changes: Subtle behavior changes often unnoticed by pet owners can be red flags for underlying health issues.

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How You Can Protect Your Pet in Honor of National Heartworm Prevention Month


Did you know that this month is National Heartworm Awareness Month? Temperatures are rising, and peak mosquito season will be here before we know it, making now an excellent time to find out how to protect your furry family member. Our skilled veterinarians provide effective heartworm prevention medications for pets in Denver at Advanced Veterinary Care of Greenwood Village and will help you give your dog the healthy, happy life they deserve. Read on to learn more.  

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Denver Veterinarian Shares 3 Healthy New Year's Resolutions for Cats and Dogs


With 2022 well underway, your thoughts may have turned to making positive changes in your life. Instead of only thinking about how to improve your health in 2022, why not come up with a few health goals for your furry family member, too? As a Denver veterinarian, Advanced Veterinary Care of Greenwood Village wants to help you give them a fantastic life. For this reason, we decided to share a few New Year's resolutions for pets. Keep reading to discover a few easy lifestyle improvements that can have a substantial effect on your cat or dog’s health! 

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3 Christmas Gift Ideas for Pets


The winter holidays are here! Are you ready? If you're having difficulty picking out a gift for your cat or dog, we can help. The veterinarians at Advanced Veterinary Care of Greenwood Village want your dog or cat to have a safe and happy yuletide season, so we made the decision to talk about some excellent — though untraditional — gift ideas for pets. We're also here to lend a paw if your pet needs to see a veterinarian in Denver in the upcoming weeks. If you're looking for some last-minute gift ideas for your furry family member, keep reading.

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Thanksgiving Pet Safety Tips from a Denver Vet


Thanksgiving is fast approaching, and it’s only natural to want to share the holiday with your furry family members. After all, what would most pets enjoy more than a holiday that’s centered around yummy foods? Before the big day arrives, though, it’s vital to familiarize yourself with the many potential hazards your pet could face. Many of the foods and ingredients we humans love are toxic to our canine companions and feline friends. Here at Advanced Veterinary Care of Greenwood Village, we don’t want any animals to get sick this Thanksgiving. Keep reading to discover some important safety tips from a Denver vet! 

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Parasite Prevention in Greenwood Village: What You Need to Know


Did you know that April is National Heartworm Awareness Month and Prevent Lyme Disease in Dogs Month? These events highlight the importance of preventing two parasites - heartworm and ticks - but there are other nasty critters you should be protecting your pet from, too. Keep reading to learn more about parasite prevention in Greenwood Village from the veterinary experts right here at Advanced Veterinary Care of Greenwood Village.

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3 Holiday Foods That Aren’t Safe for Your Pet: Tips from a Vet in Denver


As a vet in Denver, we treat a lot of pets who are feeling under the weather as a result of eating something they shouldn’t have. While many of those cases occur because a dog or cat decided to snack on something while their owners weren’t looking, others involve pets who got sick after eating something their owner gave them. 

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Protect Your Pet: 3 Holiday Hazards to Avoid


The Christmas season is a joyous time of year that should be filled with fun and festivity. Unfortunately, it’s also a period that tends to be quite unsafe for our beloved companions. Several of our favorite parts of the holiday season are dangerous to our four-legged family members. And if you're not mindful, your cat or dog could end up hurt, sick, or a whole lot worse. 

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Heartworm Disease- It only takes one mosquito!


Here in Colorado we are often asked as Veterinary Professionals.

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