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Denver Veterinarian Shares 3 Healthy New Year's Resolutions for Cats and Dogs


With 2022 well underway, your thoughts may have turned to making positive changes in your life. Instead of only thinking about how to improve your health in 2022, why not come up with a few health goals for your furry family member, too? As a Denver veterinarian, Advanced Veterinary Care of Greenwood Village wants to help you give them a fantastic life. For this reason, we decided to share a few New Year's resolutions for pets. Keep reading to discover a few easy lifestyle improvements that can have a substantial effect on your cat or dog’s health! 

Make Sure You're Meeting Their Nutritional Needs

You are not the only one who will benefit from maintaining a healthier diet in 2022. Your dog or cat will, too. There are a lot of commercial pet foods on store shelves, and, unfortunately, they are not all appropriate for every animal. Learn about your dog or cat's individual nutritional requirements to find food that is suitable for them. If you are unsure where to start, our team would be thrilled to lend a hand! 

Make Daily Exercise Part of Your Pet's Routine

Spending all day on the couch isn't healthy for your precious pet. Keep them healthy (and happy!) by making exercise part of their daily routine. Walking your dog is a good starting point, but fun games like hide-and-seek and fetch are awesome, too. Toys that engage your cat's prey drive are the best way to keep them active. Consider investing in cat trees for your pet to climb and explore, too.

Visit a Denver Veterinarian for Wellness Care

If you think your dog or cat doesn’t need to see a Denver veterinarian because they are in good health, you might want to reconsider. Wellness care — which includes things like physical examinations, vaccinations, and flea, tick, and internal parasite prevention — helps ensure your beloved pet's long-term health. It is a big part of being a responsible pet owner, too. If you are behind in this area, make 2022 the year you commit to getting your beloved pet back on the right track. Give our friendly team a call today to make an appointment.


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