Genetic Testing

We perform several genetic tests in-house.

At Advanced Veterinary Care, we strive to provide cutting-edge services to meet the needs of our patients and their owners.

That’s why we are thrilled to offer DNA health screenings in partnership with Embark. These tests are more than 99% accurate, and they can be used to screen dogs for more than 210 genetic health conditions. Plus, they reveal breed history, which enables us to provide the healthcare services that best suit their needs.

In addition to Embark DNA testing, we also offer OncoK9 screening, which provides early cancer detection for dogs. It relies on the same genomic sequencing testing technology as is used in early cancer detection in human patients and can detect 30 different types of cancer.

We perform a variety of genetic tests in-house as part of our commitment to providing comprehensive care in a single location, and we’d be honored to help you get to know your canine companion better — all the way down to their DNA — to keep them healthy and by your side for as many years as possible.

What To Expect

Performing an Embark DNA screening is a breeze. All it takes is a simple cheek swab for us to gain actionable insights that we can use to create your dog’s personalized care plan. Together, we can take a proactive approach to protect and improve your dog’s health!

OncoK9 screenings are a breeze, too. We just need to do a quick blood draw to provide early cancer detection. It’s really that easy!
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Genetic Testing for Pets in Greenwood Village

Are you interested in learning more about genetic testing for pets in Greenwood Village? If so, give us a call. With our help, you can determine which tests are most suitable for your four-legged family member.
Advanced Veterinary Care performs genetic testing for dogs in Greenwood Village, Denver, Centennial, Englewood, Cherry Hills Village, Littleton, Cherry Knolls, Highlands Ranch, Southglenn, Dove Valley and the surrounding areas. 

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