Vaccines and Titer Testing

Keep your pet up to date on vaccinations.

Having your dog or cat vaccinated is essential in protecting them from a number of potentially deadly illnesses.

And in the case of the Rabies vaccine, doing so is required by law. While vaccines are important, though, recent findings indicate that not all pets need boosters every year. Here at Advanced Veterinary Care of Greenwood Village, we provide the vaccinations your furry friend needs, along with titer testing to determine whether they need a booster. We’re proud to offer both vaccines and titer testing in Greenwood Village to ensure that your companion has the protection they need without being over-vaccinated. 

Core and Non-Core Vaccinations

Though there are many different types, vaccinations are divided into two primary categories: core and non-core. Core vaccines are the ones that all pets need, like Rabies. Additional core vaccines for dogs include canine parvovirus, distemper and canine hepatitis. Cats need to be vaccinated against feline panleukopenia, feline calicivirus and feline rhinotracheitis in addition to Rabies. 

Only certain pets need non-core vaccines. We’ll ask you questions about your pet’s lifestyle to help you determine which ones are appropriate for them.  

Titer Testing

Titer testing is a simple blood screening that measures an animal’s antibodies to vaccine viruses. This allows us to better assess if or when your pet needs boosters. If the titer test is normal, they are still adequately protected and don’t need a booster. Performing titer tests enables us to keep your pet up to date on essential vaccinations without needlessly getting boosters every year.
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Vaccines and Titer Testing in Greenwood Village

For vaccines and titer testing in Greenwood Village, trust the veterinarians at Advanced veterinary Care of Greenwood Village. Reach out to us today to schedule an appointment.
Advanced Veterinary Care of Greenwood Village provides vaccines and titer testing for pets in Greenwood Village, Denver, Centennial, Englewood, Cherry Hills Village, Littleton, Cherry Knolls, Highlands Ranch, Southglenn, Dove Valley and the surrounding areas. 

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