Laser Therapy

The last thing you’d ever want is for your pet to be in pain.

Sadly, like humans, companion animals can suffer from several painful injuries and illnesses.

Animals stoically mask their pain until they’re no longer able to do so. This means that if your pet is showing signs that they are in pain, they’re likely suffering a considerable amount and need your help. 

At Advanced Veterinary Care of Greenwood Village, we provide laser therapy to help our patients live more comfortably. This technology is extremely safe and effective. It’s also appropriate for dogs and cats of all ages. If you think your pet could benefit from laser therapy in Greenwood Village, we’d love to have them as a patient.

How It Works

During a laser therapy session, we use a handheld device to direct a concentrated beam of light into the patient’s body at the site of their pain. While you’re probably more familiar with the cutting lasers used in surgery, this laser is made to deliver warm, soothing heat into the body to ease pain and inflammation. 

Laser therapy triggers the body’s natural healing processes. In doing so, it facilitates faster healing, reduces inflammation and improves the patient’s quality of life by easing their pain. We use this technology to treat injuries, post-surgical wounds, degenerative disorders like arthritis and more. Laser therapy can even be performed to treat gingivitis.
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Pet Laser Therapy in Greenwood Village

If your pet is in pain, laser therapy could be an excellent way of improving their quality of life and keeping them more comfortable. This treatment is completely non-invasive and is not associated with any known side effects. Contact us today to learn whether this treatment modality is right for your dog or cat.
Advanced Veterinary Care of Greenwood Village offers pain-relieving laser therapy for pets in Greenwood Village, Denver, Centennial, Englewood, Cherry Hills Village, Littleton, Cherry Knolls, Highlands Ranch, Southglenn, Dove Valley and the surrounding areas.

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