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Protect Your Pet: 3 Holiday Hazards to Avoid


The Christmas season is a joyous time of year that should be filled with fun and festivity. Unfortunately, it’s also a period that tends to be quite unsafe for our beloved companions. Several of our favorite parts of the holiday season are dangerous to our four-legged family members. And if you're not mindful, your cat or dog could end up hurt, sick, or a whole lot worse. 

The best way to avoid a visit from a mobile vet in Denver this holiday season is to protect your pet from known hazards. Read on to learn more about some of the most common pet hazards of the holiday season. 



Tree Trims and Tinsel

Sure, they look beautiful adorning your tree. Did you know, however, that tinsel and tree trims can be dangerous to dogs and cats? If eaten, tinsel might get tangled up in your furry friend's digestive system, cutting off circulation or creating a possibly life-threatening blockage. Also, decorations that are swatted off of the Christmas tree and smashed can cause serious external or (if swallowed) internal wounds. Keep your dog or cat safe by throwing the tinsel in the trash and sticking with ornaments made from plastic instead of glass. 

Christmas Feasts

While you may want to share a plate of your dinner with your pet, doing so could lead to disaster. Some of your much-loved holiday dishes could contain ingredients that are toxic to your furry family member. Avoid sharing foods and drinks that contain alcohol, chocolate, grapes, raisins, garlic, or onions. Bones belong in the trash, too, rather than your pet’s bowl. To keep your beloved pet safe (and to avoid a visit from a mobile vet in Denver), it's always best to keep them on their usual food and treats throughout the entire year - including the holiday season. 

Lights and Plug-In Decorations

Christmas lights and other decorations that run on electricity liven up your home or property, but they could be dangerous to companion animals. If your family includes an inquisitive cat or playful pup who enjoys chewing on things, the wires and flashing bulbs could prove to be difficult to leave alone. Since a single nibble could cause electrocution or serious injuries, it’s important to keep cords out of reach. 

Scheduling an Appointment with a Mobile Vet in Denver

If your pet needs veterinary care this holiday season, skip the vet’s office and contact a mobile vet in Denver instead. When you choose Advanced Veterinary Care, we will deliver the care your companion needs directly to your home. To find out more or to schedule an appointment, please contact us today! 

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