Protect Your Pet: 3 Holiday Hazards to Avoid

The Christmas season is a joyous time of year that should be filled with fun and festivity. Unfortunately, it’s also a period that tends to be quite unsafe for our beloved companions. Several of our favorite parts of the holiday season are dangerous to our four-legged family members. And if you're not mindful, your cat or dog could end up hurt, sick, or a whole lot worse. 

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3 Holiday Foods That Aren’t Safe for Your Pet: Tips from a Vet in Denver

As a vet in Denver, we treat a lot of pets who are feeling under the weather as a result of eating something they shouldn’t have. While many of those cases occur because a dog or cat decided to snack on something while their owners weren’t looking, others involve pets who got sick after eating something their owner gave them. 

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Heartworm Disease- It only takes one mosquito!

Here in Colorado we are often asked as Veterinary Professionals

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Welcome to Advanced Veterinary Care

House call veterinary care has many benefits for both pets and owners.

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